Patent Applications filed during recent five years

Industrial Apparatus

Bolt and nut tightening apparatus, Sand blast machine, Corrugated board printer, Dram transporter, Medicine injection machine, Paper tube manufacturing device, Massaging machine, Laundry machine, Rice ball wrapping machine, Electronic hybrid bicycle and Aluminum can manufacturing machine

Electric Devices

Digital camera, Disk device (DVD etc.), Liquid crystal projector, Thin TV, Layered polymer capacitor, Data compression and decompression system, Car navigation system and Printer device

Chemistry and Metallurgy

Aluminum casting, Investment casting, Anti-tumor medicine, Casting of Copper based alloy, Rubber compound, Ni based heat resistant alloy, Polyurethane foam, Alloys for rolling, Magnetic recording medium material and Molded car bumper, Proanthocyanidin


Pan, Hairbrush, Rubber threading tool, Slippers, Resin scrub brush and Seat for rice ball

Infringement Warning and Lawsuits

Infringement Warning handled during recent five years

Patent and Utility model cases── 27
Trademark, Design and Unfair competition cases── 33

Lawsuits handled during recent ten years

Litigation against decision of the Patent Office ── 9
Litigation of infringement cases ── 16